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If you've lost your only o-ring, just remember, you can use a piece of string.   ;)

Mini - $2 each                           Micro - $2 each

MiniFire TitanFire EconoFire FireStorm & Bare Bones                                          MicroFire SureFire EasyFire                

Mini - Place Order Here                                              Micro - Place Order Here

These o-rings are made from 'chlolorprene' (Neoprene) which is a very resilient and durable rubber compound that is perfect for the fire piston application. Unlike the dirty balck nitrile o-rings that wear out very quickly, these clean o-rings can last well over a decade under normal use. These o-rings are a special order item and are not available in any stores so I am making them available here. These high-quality and long-lasting specialty o-rings are worth their weight in gold as you will get many many MANY years of continual service from one single o-ring. The price of these specialty o-rings are only $1 each. The Micro size o-ring is for the MicroFire, the SureFire, and the EasyFire. All other models use the Mini o-ring with the exception of the BamFire which uses a standard size o-ring.


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