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Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Give him a fire piston and he'll never eat raw fish again  ; )

FireStorm™ Exotix™ - Fire pistons made with exotic wood ($60 - $80)

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The FireStorm is hand crafted from a solid piece of nicely figured exitic wood that displays a continuous grain pattern throughout the body and handle for a beautiful look. The thick wall cylinder, handle insert, and the piston shaft is machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum for it's durability and weather resistance. The FireStorm is about 4" long, about 5/8" in diameter, and comes with a neoprene o-ring and instructions.

The FireStorm sports the proprietary DuoSeal technology that allows you choose between using an o-ring for a seal or a traditional string wrapping for a seal. Nearly any type of string will work, even dental floss. This benefit makes the FireStorm stand out above and beyond conventional fire pistons by being more versatile in critical situations.

The precision engineering provides for super easy operation which insures a live coal can be generated on each and every stroke. Experienced fire piston users as well as beginners will enjoy this well balanced model that is perfect for training purposes and performs consistently in the field. This benefit makes the FireStorm stand out above and beyond conventional fire pistons by being very easy to use.

The FireStorm makes a perfect gift for campers, hikers, and anyone who simply loves the adventurous spirit of the great outdoors. You get the great look and feel of the beautifully figured exotic wood, the dependability and durability of the aircraft aluminum, and the compact versatility coupled with the ease of use only the FireStorm can deliver. If you want a fantastic fire piston at a fantastic price, the FireStorm Exotix is for you.

The fire pistons pictured here are made of Cocobolo. The FireStorm Exotix are made from the exotic woods listed above.


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