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The Duo-Seal™ technology allows you to use either an o-ring for a seal or the traditional string wrapping for a seal. By having the ability to utilize a string for a seal you can make your own gasket in the field on the fly if the need arises. This benefit alone raises the value of these little fire pistons above and beyond all others. In other words, it's always good to have some sort of backup plan, and the Duo-Seal™ technology provides you with the option to repair or replace your gasket no matter where you are. The proprietary Duo-Seal™ technology was introduced nearly a decade ago and remains the leader in fire piston technology today.

                                             *  Makes the fire piston more versatile by using an o-ring or a string seal.

                                             *  Makes the fire piston simple, easy, and fun to use.

                                             *  Eliminates the pain associated with conventional fire pistons.

                                             *  Provides for a smaller fire piston that can be carried anywhere.

                                             *  Outperforms conventional fire pistons.

                                             *  More dependable than conventional fire pistons.

                                             *  Shorter learning curve than conventional fire pistons.

                                             *  Intstills confidence in knowing you have the best product available.

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