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Bamboo is one of the earliest materials used to make fire pistons. The fire piston, or fire syringe, is thought to originate from primitive tribes that used blow guns in Southeast Asia. The fire piston was patented in Europe in the early 1800's but was soon replaced with the invention of the stick match. There's no telling how long fire pistons were in use before that but I would think that it was at least a few hundred years due to it's wide distribution among other tribes that use bamboo for their blow guns. Fire pistons can be made from a multitude of materials but bamboo seems to give the most authentic feel when you use it.

The BamFire™ sports the proprietary technology which gives you the ability to choose between using an o-ring for a seal or a traditional string wrapping for a seal. This benefit makes the BamFire™ stand out above and beyond all others by being more versatile in critical situations.

The precision engineering provides for super easy operation which insures a live coal can be generated on each and every stroke. This benefit makes the BamFire™ stand out above and beyond all others by being very easy to use. Experienced fire piston users as well as beginners will enjoy this well balanced model that is perfect for training purposes and performs consistently in the field.

The BamFire™ displays the natural color patterns of the bamboo that flow continuously throughout the body and the handle. This model is about 4" long, about 1/2"-5/8" in diameter and has a hardwood shaft. The production will be limited so shoot me an email if you want to make sure you get one.


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