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The stars and the moon are not always bright.

To start a cozy fire, use an EasyLite to-nite!  ;-)

EasyLite $15 + Free USA Shipping!

Comes with Lifetime Guarantee!

CNC machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum for repeatability and RELIABILITY.

EasyLite is about 3 1/3" long and only 1/4" in diameter, very small and LIGHTWEIGHT.

The inner surface of the cylinder wall is highly polished for top PERFORMANCE.

Precision engineered to use an o-ring or a string seal for field VERSATILITY.

Comes with 2 EXTRA O-RINGS, sample of CHAR CLOTH, and INSTRUCTIONS.

Feel free to send an email with any questions.



Exclusive EasyLite Fire Piston Wholesale Offer - With Lifetime Guarantee!
	"The Premier Fire Piston for Emergencies, Survival, and Recreation."

It's versatile, universal, and now it's commercial!

This wholesale offer is for re-sellers.

The packaging is generic to allow you to add a custom label for your own added value or special event.

Buy Now and get on the preferred customer list before the production schedule is full.

For beginners and instructors.
For simple backyard bug-outs and dynamic outdoor adventures.
For campfire conversations and corporate outings.
For emergency survival and recreational entertainment.
For creating fire AT the party and being the creative fire OF the party.

* Extreme precision machining for dependable reliability in the field, classroom, and emergencies.
* Hand crafted using US Veteran precision for a perfect finished tolerance and superb workmanship.
* Lifetime guarantee from mechanical defects on metal parts, workmanship, and condition upon delivery.
* Top quality USA materials, top quality USA Veteran craftsmanship, and top quality Lifetime Warranty!
* Buy USA. Hire USA. Made in the USA. Go USA!

Why choose an EasyLite fire piston? Here are a few reasons:

Easier to use - Try it side-by-side with any other fire piston and see for yourself.
	The diameter of the cylinder bore is smaller for greater mechanical advantage.

Very compact - Thinnest fire piston on Earth, only the MicroFire by MiniFirePistons.com is shorter
	The EasyLite is about 3 1/4" long and it's the thinnest fire piston you can buy.

Extremely lightweight - Again, only the MicroFire by MiniFirePistons.com is lighter.
	The EasyLite is extremely lightweight and Fully loaded it stills weighs less than 1/4 ounce.

Less friction - Less friction means a faster stroke, higher compression, and quicker ignition.
	The smaller diameter decreases the overall friction during the compression stroke.

Use o-ring OR string seal - Versatile whether in the field, the shop, or even the bathroom!
	You can use plant fibers, a string from your worn jeans, or even dental floss for a seal.

Top quality product - Highest quality choices made from places to parts to people.
	The EasyLite is Made in the USA, with USA Materials, and USA Veteran Craftsmanship.

Guaranteed for LIFE! - If it's the best of the best, it should have the best Warranty too.
	To stand behind a product with 100% confidence, a lifetime warranty only seems proper.

The EasyLite fire piston is precision machined and hand worked from 6061 aircraft aluminum.
The metal surfaces are finished with a high polish inside and out.
It's about 3 1/3" long, the diameter is a mere 1/4", and amazingly it weighs less than 1/4 ounce!
Fantastic gift for the minimalist or outdoor enthusiast on your list.
It's also a great prospect for adding your own designer skin (Cocobolo, Koa, Ebony...)

Package Contents - Items you get with your Commercial Sample purchase.
1 EasyLite fire piston (piston rod with handle, cylinder, and o-ring installed)
2 extra o-rings
1 char cloth sample
1 operating/troubleshooting guide
1 warranty registration form

Free USA Shipping for all Wholesale Orders.

Warranty, Refunds, and Returns
Lifetime guarantee from mechanical defects on metal parts, workmanship, and condition upon delivery.
All warranty returns will be replaced with a similar fire piston, customer pays all shipping costs.
All shipping costs paid by the customer are non-refundable.

Privacy Policy
All customer information will remain 100% confidential and is not shared with anyone for any reason.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price - EasyLite Fire Piston UPC#: 655100127340
$19.95 MSRP - Generic packaging ready for rack, shelf, or counter top display.

Get on the preferred customer list before the production schedule is full.

Wholesale Pricing - Free USA Shipping!
1 unit- $15 Each - Commercial Sample

* Ask about larger quantities, exclusive rights, and other options for even more savings!
	10 units  - $14 Each
	25 units  - $13 Each
	100 units - $12 Each

Send an email for more information.


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