My Private Portfolio

Mini Fire Pistons - Permanent Fire Starters

3D CGI Animations - Asset creation and animation

Cabin Campers - Early American Pioneer Plank Style

S&W M&P 22 Triggers - Powder Coated Aircraft Aluminum

Propane Conversion Kits - Convert Gasoline Engine To Propane

Primitive Fire Starters - Primitive Friction Fire Starters And Supplies

Language Of The Ancients - The History Of Mankind And Technology

SaqsayWall Polygonal Masonry - Asymetric, Mortarless, Concrete Blocks

Mobile Manufacturing Modules - Guerilla Manufacturing Where Needed Most

DiscDrive Power Transfer - Gearless Gearbox For Unlimited Speed Control

MagnaDrive Power Transfer - Eliminate One-Wheel-Peel On Any Vehicle

EzekielWheel Power Booster - Add More Power To Any Vehicle

DualCycle Transporter - Split Frame Combination Vehicle